FOCL Meeting Minutes 01.12.17

Friends of Centennial Library
Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2017

Attendees: Thelma Landers, Melissa Lane, Angela Norman, Jamie Everson, Michele Waite, and Shellie Pierce



Voted Michele Waite as secretary, Shellie seconded the motion.


Discussed who’s allowed to be on the board of FoCL. Current library employees may be on the board; however, they will not have any voting privileges.


Discussed the need for board members for FoCL to continue; described benefits of FoCL: supports library with events i.e. Summer Reading as well as continued support with the Barbara Hansen Scholarship


Recommended the board and group consider putting together a cookbook for a fundraiser. Will provide software, if interested. Project is labor intensive, but feels the fundraiser would be fruitful. (Historical Society created 300 cookbooks 7 to 8 years ago, and made approximately $4,000.00 on the fundraiser.)


Ideas for use of current funds: Idaho Humanities Council offering a 40-minute folk singer songwriter to perform; cost is $100.00 for the application fee; all other expenses are covered by Council. The performer, Tracy Morrison, will be passing through the area on April 25th. Considering locations for the performance i.e. GEMS, Historical Society, Library

Thelma voted to award the $100.00 requested; Shellie seconded the motion.

Teen coffee is being considered again. In communication with a gentleman from the high school who wishes to initiate and create themes for the event. Would like FoCL to consider funding monthly coffee and donuts. Request tabled until next meeting, April 13th.

Summer Reading – kick off party to be big event. Planning Whizpops as a musical performance at Pioneer Park Saturday, June 17th. Many ideas were discussed, including setting up a craft area for kids to make something for Father’s Day. The library is working on fundraising options and has requested FoCL possibly match what the library raises. Request tabled until next meeting, April 13th.

Melissa asked if there is a cancellation fee for the Whizpops? Angie to find out.


Requested budget numbers. Also, asked if FoCL had a set amount they donated each year?


Approximately two-thirds of the current FoCL balance has been appropriated to the kids’ area per a specific donation.


Barbara Hansen Scholarships are approved at the quarterly meetings.


Idaho Commissions for Libraries approved our lending library for the summer. We have several ideas as to how we will approach our lending library i.e. during Saturday Farmers Market, pool time during the week, and during the free lunch offered at GEMS. The ICL recommended the three L’s: library, lunch, learning. We would like to request FoCL to consider assisting the library with funding one snack period throughout the summer lending library. Request tabled until next meeting, April 13th.


Asked how the lending library works. We bring library books to said events. Children can borrow daily and/or weekly. They are to return the book for another one. ICL stated that there’s only a 15% return on books lent out.


Kids’ room remodel is in-process. Awaiting bids.
Heating in kid’s area is defunct. Working on removal.


Told Angie the kids room remodel money is already appropriated, so just call her with the bid information as no voting is needed to move forward.


What board members are needed?


Vice President


What are their duties?

Lead quarterly meetings, coordinate fundraisers, etc.

Jamie offered to become President; Thelma voted yes, Shellie seconded the motion.

Melissa offered to become Vice President; Thelma voted yes, Shellie seconded the motion.


Used Book Sale during Art in the Park to be discussed at next meeting April 13th as to whether the sale is worth the incredible labor involved to organize.

Meeting adjourned