FOCL Meeting Minutes 02.23.17

FoCL Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2017 6:00pm

Attended by:

Thelma Landes, Jamie Everson, Melissa Lane,

Shellie Pierce, Cindy Lane, and Angie Norman

Topic 1: Minutes from meeting will be approved at the next meeting in April.

Topic 2: Pilcrow Grant

Angie presented the Pilcrow Grant to FoCL members. This grant provides books to the library thru the Junior Library Guild. In order to be considered for the grant the library needs a local advisory to match $200-$400. After reviewing the grant documents, Thelma made a motion to match the grant with $400. Melissa 2nd the motion and it was passed. The grant is due by March 1. Angie will notify FoCL if the grant is approved and seek the funds at that time.

Topic 3: Summer Reading

Library has been seeking various avenues for funding of the summer reading program. Lions Club donated $500 and is willing to let the library staff man the hamburger stand part of the time during Border Days. The will then split the proceeds. PTA may also help raise money for summer reading, it’s in the works. April 25th there will be a folk singer coming to GEMS. There will also be a book fair that same week. Library staff may try to sell baked goods during the folk singer concert.

Angie has arranged for the Whiz Pops band to come to the summer reading kickoff party at Pioneer Park. Whiz Pops requires a $500 non-refundable deposit. Angie asked that FoCL pay the deposit. She is confident that they can raise the remaining $1000 to have the Whiz Pops band. Thelma made a motion to approve $500 for the deposit to Whiz Pops, Shellie 2nd the motion, it was passed.

Topic 4: Ideas to raise money for FoCL

Jamie had a few possible ideas to raise money for FoCL. She owns a vinyl cutter that can help create personalized mugs, water bottles, book bags, shirts, etc. She would be willing to create some products that are related to FoCL/library if FoCL could pay for or reimburse for the cost of materials. Jamie discussed costs of products, many of the mugs, water bottles, etc. can be purchased at the Dollar Store. Library already provided her with roughly 10 book bags to personalize. Vinyl is $1.25-$5.00 per 12X12 sheet depending on quality and type. Everyone agreed to let Jamie purchase the vinyl and products needed through the library so that it would be tax free, then FoCL will reimburse the library for the costs. Angie offered a display at the library to showcase some items for sale.

Another idea was book themed baskets. We could create book baskets with various books and products that could be sold at the library or hold a silent auction.

Another idea was a used jewelry sale. People would donate their old or unused jewelry and we would hold an event to sell it at. Everyone agreed that this would need to be done at a community event that people were already attending in order for it to be successful. We will keep it in mind if an opportunity arrives.

Cindy suggested FoCL become part of the Combined Federal Campaign so that people could donate to FoCL directly. She will look into how this can be done.

Donation letters will be sent out in November. This is where the majority of FoCL’s funds come from. We wondered if we should send letters out at a different time of year. Thelma said November has worked the best for them in the past, it was decided to keep the letters going out in November.

Topic 5: FoCL Logo

It was discussed that FoCL does not have its own logo. It would be helpful to have a logo to help promote the group. Cindy suggested holding a logo contest in which people would create a logo to submit. We liked the idea of offering it to the middle and high school students to create a logo for the contest. Cindy and Thelma will meet Wednesday March 1 to outline the guidelines for the logo and when it is due. Melissa will contact the school to see if this can be worked into their art or computer design classes. We decided the prize would be $50 plus a personalized hoodie with the logo on it.

Topic 6: Children’s Area Remodeling.

Angie took group to the children’s area of the library to discuss bids and plans for remodeling. They intend to paint the walls with birds and nature scenes, all with primary colors. She got bids to replace the carpet; Lindsleys bid for $515 was the best offer. Angie showed samples of carpet options. They can save $600 by pulling the carpet out instead of Lindsleys. The plan is to remove the book shelves on the North and South sides of the room. The South side will then become a counter area with computers; the North side will have taller book shelves installed to add space.

Idaho Sewing for Sports may be able to sew some foam and vinyl chairs/blocks at a discounted price. Ideal plan would be to simplify the furniture so that story time can easily be held in the children’s area. The larger table and chairs will likely be removed and 2 smaller tables and chairs would take its place.