December 21, 2009 Regular Meeting

Grangeville City Council Agenda December 21, 2009 – 7:30 P.M. Council Chambers Agenda Amendments: Read and/or approve minutes of the December 7th meeting Visitors: Committee Reports: 1. Snowhaven Minutes – December 3, 2009 Unfinished Business: Bills: New  Business: 1. Approve the Annual Street Finance Report and authorize publication 2. US 95 corridor study update 3. Request from the Mizpah […]

December 21, 2009 Regular Meeting

The City Council met in regular session on December 21, 2009 at 7:30 P.M. in the Council Chambers of City Hall. Mayor Walker presided: Councilmembers present: Michael Peterson Wes Lester Georgia DeHaas Brian Lorentz Linda Aiken Councilmembers absent: Del Houger  City employees present were Public Works Director Gortsema, Attorney Green and Clerk Kennedy. AGENDA AMENDMENT:  […]

Wayne Sedam Obituary

Wayne C. Sedam, May 23, 1942 – December 7, 2009.  Wayne passed peacefully on December 7, 2009.  He had been fighting squamous cell carcinoma.  Although Wayne was a very serious and stern man, he had a very big heart and was always willing to lend a hand when needed.  Wayne served in the United States […]

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