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Tubing Hill

Snowhaven Ski & Tubing Area
100 Snow Haven Road, Grangeville ID 83530

The Snowhaven Tubing Hill is the place to be for family fun.

A ride down the run features an approximate 150-foot vertical drop. Once the ride is completed a 600-foot-long lift carries you back to the top of the two 1100-foot-long runs for another tubing adventure.

  1. Must be 4 years or 42 inches tall to ride the Tubing Hill.
  2. Only our custom made tubes are allowed on the runs. We provide the tubes as part of your ticket price.
  3. ONE person ONLY per tube. For safety reason you can not ride double.
  4. For large groups please call 208-983-3866 to give us prior notice.
  5. Tube Hill Fees -Same rate applies to all ages 4 & up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tubing hard to do?
No experience is needed, just hop in your tube and enjoy the ride.

How old do you have to be to tube?
Snowhaven requires children be 4 years old or 42 inches tall to ride the Tubing Hill. We also require that all children under the age of 6 years of age be accompanied by an adult at all times. This is important, as most children will need assistance at the bottom of the hill – getting out of the tube, walking safely and in a timely manner away from the lanes, and in the right direction of the tube lift.

Can more than one person ride on a tube?
No, only one (1) person per tube is allowed. Under the appropriate surface conditions, we do allow several tubes to “link” together. For children 6 and under, one (1) parent will be allowed to tube with their child while holding the handle of their child’s tube.  (NOTE: The parent should be in the lead tube and the child behind for appropriate safety measures).

Can my child ride on my lap?
We do not allow more than one person in a tube.  What we do allow is for the parent to hold onto their child’s tube as they go up the lift, and again if they so desire for the ride down.

Do you have tubes for multiple people?
No, we do not have family/multiple people tubes available at this time.

How big are your tubes?
Our tubes are 41” wide on the outside and 20” wide on the inside

How do I get back up the hill after my tube ride?
Once you get to the lift, all you need to do is sit back on your tube and enjoy the ride.  Our operators will hook you up and send you to the top where our operators will detach you from the lift.

Can I bring my own sled or tube?
We do not allow personal sleds or tubes to be used on our tube hill. Tube rental is included in the ticket price for a tubing session.

Are Helmets required?
No.  Never a bad idea to have, but not required.

How should I dress for snow tubing?

  • You should dress for snow with waterproof clothing. Warm clothing including long underwear, gloves or mittens, hat or headband, jacket and ski/snow pants should be worn.
  • It is highly recommended that you stay away from wearing cotton clothing (jeans, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc.) next to your skin, because it will absorb sweat and snow and make you cold.
  • Remember that the sun exposure could be a problem so be sure to use sunscreen and eye protection.
  • Tubing participants are asked to wear hiking boots or waterproof shoes. For safety reasons, ski boots and hard shell boots are prohibited.
  • If you forgot any clothing items, there are gloves,  goggles and hand warmers available for sale in the Lodge.

Can I wear Hard Ski or Snowboard Boots?
No, HARD Ski or Snowboard boots are too dangerous; not only for the person wearing them, but also for the people that might be hit by them. SOFT Snowboard Boots are generally okay to tube with.

How Safe is Tubing?
As with any winter activity, there is a chance for injury.  For safety purposes, the tubing employee will inform you when it is safe to start tubing—which is after the tubing lane is clear.  Exit the tubing lane in a timely manner so the tuber behind you can be on their way down the hill.

Does the weather affect the tubing ride?
Yes, the weather can affect the type of ride you get down the lanes, so check the current conditions report and see if the conditions promote slow or fast tubing and take your pick!  Colder conditions promote a faster tubing surface and warmer conditions will promote a slower tubing surface.  During slower tubing times, it is more likely you will be allowed to “link” tubes with other people in your group.  Under faster tubing conditions, tube “linking” will not be allowed (Children 6 & under and parents are the exception). Please be aware that surface conditions can change very quickly; especially when the sun goes down. It is possible tube “linking” will both be allowed and not allowed during your tubing session.

Do tubing sessions ever sell out?
Currently, we do not limit the amount of tubing sessions on the hill.  We advise that folks consider what they want out of their tubing experience if they see large crowds on the hill.  If you want to enjoy the energy and fun that a large group provides, we welcome you to join in.  If it is extremely busy, we do ask customers to share tubes by passing them up the line to customers waiting to get on the lift.  As you get closer to the loading, a tube will be passed to you.

If you prefer to make more runs, we tend to be less busy on Sundays. You can also check our website here under current conditions where we will post daily about both snow conditions and if we have any large groups scheduled for the day.



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