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City Streets

The City of Grangeville owns and maintains approximately 26 miles of public streets within the City limits. The street system consists of approximately 22 miles of asphalt pavement and 4 miles of gravel surfaced streets. Public Works Department employees maintain the streets including plowing snow and sanding when necessary, patching potholes as needed and doing asphalt overlays in the summer on rough or low areas of the streets. The City street department has maintained a consistent program of chip sealing asphalt street sections each year. This work is contracted out with the Public Works employees providing street preparation prior to the chip sealing process and usually providing traffic control during the work. Many of the City’s asphalt streets have out lived their design life, but the chip sealing program offers an inexpensive method for extending the pavement life. Department employees also grade the gravel streets as needed and patch potholes. The City recently started a program of applying an asphalt base dust abatement material to the gravel streets. This program has been very cost effective and beneficial in controlling dust and also maintaining the stability of the gravel streets. Some of the treated streets are virtually as hard and smooth as our paved streets.

Members of Upper Clearwater Transportation Committee

The City is currently an active member of the “Upper Clearwater Transportation Committee”. The Committee recently received grant funds which will be used to develop a master transportation plan for all the member entities. The long range goal of the group is to use the plan to leverage additional funding for street and road improvements within the jurisdiction of the individual member entities. This much needed transportation plan for Grangeville will allow us to identify traffic impacts on our street system, design improvements to mitigate the impacts, and then apply for funding to construct the improvements.


For information on street corner site restrictions, height restrictions for trees in the right of way, fence height restrictions on corners, snow plowing restrictions into City streets, etc., please visit the City Code Online.


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