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Water Department

The City of Grangeville owns and operates the municipal water system providing service to approximately 1400 residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The source of supply for the system is five deep groundwater wells located within the City’s service area. The system is divided into two pressure zones; the low service zone consisting of approximately 1200 connections is supplied from two 500,000 gallon reservoirs. The high pressure service zone consisting of approximately 200 service connections is supplied from a 150,000 galvanized steel standpipe. The steel standpipe is fed from the concrete reservoirs via two pumps located on the south side of the City. The distribution system consists of approximately 160,000 feet of various types of pipe ranging in size from 1″ through 14″ in diameter. All water services for the system are metered; the meters are read monthly, depending on the weather. The system is operated and maintained by the Public Works Department employees.

Future plans for the water system include some minor distribution line additions to connect some existing dead-end sections, thereby looping these sections to improve water quality and fire protection capability.

The Department has upgraded our water meters to radio read type meters. The new meters provide better reading accuracy, improved metering accuracy, and greatly reduce the time required to read the meters each month.

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