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January 18, 2018 Board Minutes

Grangeville Centennial Library Regular Board Meeting
January 18, 2018
6:00 pm

The meeting was called to order by Brett Rogers at 6:14 PM. Those present were:  Brennan Wright, Meleah McCulley, Angie Norman, and Dani Reynolds.  Amy Farris and Susan Anderson were absent.  Due to Susan’s absence, Meleah volunteered to be secretary.

The Board reviewed the minutes from the November 16, 2017 meeting.  Meleah made a motion to approve the minutes as read. Brennan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Budget Report

Angie shared the budget to date.  The Revenue and Expenditure spreadsheets were reviewed for the period ending January 2018.  On the Expenditure spreadsheet, Angie noted that the telephone line read as “26% under budget” due to a refund credit.   Overall, spending and income seem to be aligning within budget expectations for this time of year.

Angie noted a concern about the line items for the various grants.  We want to make sure that we’re reporting the flow of grant money correctly as it is awarded and utilized for all of the different projects, and it’s been hard to track some of this on the monthly spreadsheets.  For this period, there seems to be a discrepancy between the Grant Anticipation lines on the Expenditure spreadsheet compared to the lines on the Revenue spreadsheet. Angie is going to talk to Tonya about her concerns and make sure that we’re reporting the grant information correctly.

Library Update

Laura Moore-Cunningham Grant for Computer Upgrades.  Computer installation is still in progress; 7 of the 10 refurbished Dell desktop computers and 2 of the 3 refurbished HP laptops are usable.  The new laptops in the YA Area have been checked out frequently.  The third one came with a bad battery that had to be replaced.  John Sangster is still working to complete installations for Envisionware, SonicWall Firewall protection, and Photoshop on the rest of the computers before they’ll be available.  In addition, Angie is hoping to run a LAN line to the Kid’s Room in order to make 2 computers available there. (The wireless connectivity has been poor to the Kid’s Room.)  There are still 2 front desk computers and 2 additional computers for the Adult Area to install/replace.

Grangeville Community Foundation Grant/matching FoCL grant for YA area.  The 1-year contract with the Junior Library Guild (JLG) has started, so new Young Adult books are starting to arrive.  Old tables are currently being resurfaced for the YA area. (They are awesome – each one is hand-painted and then covered with a layer of epoxy– very bright and unique!) Angie was able to purchase new chairs for the YA area (12 @ $300), and purchased two mobile power tower charging stations that include AC & USB outlets (2 @ 660).  She hopes to update the wall paint and purchase cord covers for the wires to the power towers with the grant money.

STEM Action Center FabSLAM Grant.  This is the grant for the FabSLAM 3D printer and training. Dani went to the training, and is now planning to give presentations to students at Sts. Peter and Paul and GEMS over the next few weeks.   As part of the grant, Angie and Dani have prepared a flyer that explains the details and how to apply for the FabSLAM workshops and Showcase.  The FabSLAM program will be for students between 12 – 15 yrs. old.  Training workshops will start at the library on February 1st and will run 5 weeks.  One team of 4-6 students will get to attend the FabSLAM Showcase in Lewiston on March 3rd.  This will be an all-expense paid trip for the students as part of the grant awarded by the STEM Action Center.  FoCL is providing $200 in prize money, which Angie hopes to use for a swimming party at the Asotin Aquatic Center and a pizza party after the Lewiston Showcase.

(Thanks, Dani, for demonstrating how the 3D printer works during our meeting!)

STEM Action Center PK12 Innovative STEM Project Grant.  This additional grant purchased additional filament, tools, and supplies needed to fulfill the 3D Design and Fabrication Challenge, along with a laptop computer to be used primarily for the 3D printer programs and projects.  There is a mobile unit for the 3D printer and laptop when giving community demonstrations.  This grant also purchased a mobile power tower charging station.

2018 Teen Summer Intern Program Grant.  Unfortunately, after further research, Angie discovered that GCL doesn’t qualify for this grant because the library is not within a 30-mile radius of a Dollar General Store.


Story Time.  Gina Sobrero is still hosting Wednesday story time (4-6 yr. olds).  Average attendance: 10 kids per week.  About 30 kids came for story time with Santa in December.

Family Read Week.  About 75 families participated during the GEMS Family Read Night, Pajama Party, Puppet Playhouse, and Craft Night.  It worked well to rely on FaceBook and word of mouth for advertising.  Expenditures:  $100 on prizes, $75.00 for pizza.

Kia American Girl Essay Contest.  A young gentleman from Cottonwood, Dylan, won the essay contest for his sisters. He read his essay during the Family Read Week event.  Small participation this year, but Angie felt very worthwhile.

Seed Exchange.  The Grangeville Farmer’s Market is hosting its first annual seed exchange here at the library Saturday, Jan. 20th.

Health and Wellness Fair.  Renee Stevens with the Department of Health and Welfare gave free wellness exams at the library on January 16th.  Eleven people were in attendance.

Let’s Talk About It (LTAI).  LTAI is off to a great start.  Eleven people in attendance, which was about the same number as last year.  The rest of the meetings will be at the Gallery.

FabSLAM Design Program.  See notes above.  Presentation and flyers are ready to go.  Workshops will start February 1st.  The final showcase in Lewiston is March 3rd.

Staffing Update

Assistant Librarian.  Dani Reynolds will be resigning as Assistant Librarian April 1st to be a new stay-at-home mom.  Dani and Angie recommended that Gina Sobrero be asked to move into Dani’s position.  Angie will work out the details as far as shifting library aid schedules to adjust hours.  Dani is willing to help Gina, especially getting her started with cataloguing procedures.

Money for Library Staff.  Angie expressed her concerns about staffing pay scales and preparing for the 2018 budget, which will be presented to the City by June.  The board will call a special meeting to discuss this issue further.  Angie will collect data about library budgets and staffing from the Idaho Library Commission.

New Business

Internship Idea.  Meleah brought up an idea for a summer intern from LCSC.  She has one student in mind who is graduating in General Studies in Education in 2018 and desires to pursue a career as a librarian.  This would be an unpaid internship.  We discussed the possibilities of finding a grant or possibly offering credit through LCSC.   Angie would like the intern to focus upon the Summer Reading Program.  Meleah will look into the possibilities and report back at the next meeting.

We encourage everyone to keep searching for a library board member.  We’re still one short.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:34.

Library Board Terms:

Meleah McCulley:  1/14 – 5/18  (Replaced Edie Lustig’s term, 5/13 – 5/18

Brett Rogers (President): 1/14 – 1/19

Susan Anderson (Secretary): 8/15 – 1/19 (Replaced Diana Higgin’s term, 1/14 – 1/19)

Brennan Wright: 5/17 – 1/20  (Replaced David Rauzi’s term, 1/15 – 1/20)

Serena Jackson 4/15 – 1/21  (She has moved and needs to be replaced.)

Amy Farris:  City Council Representative

If a member replaced someone else’s term, they can still do two terms of 5 years after they have completed term they were finishing for someone else.

Next Meetings:

Special Budget Meeting:  Friday, February 9th at 6:00 pm.

Regular Board Meeting:  Thursday, March 22nd, at 6:00 pm.  (This is one week later than usual due to schedule conflicts.)


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