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Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

The City just published its Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2008, with the full version available on the website under the water department, labeled as City of Grangeville Water Consumer Confidence Report.  The excerpt below from the 2008 report shows the tremendous savings that have occurred since the water bond project was completed.

“We in the Water Department continue to be amazed by the water savings the system is experiencing as a result of the 2005/2006 water distribution project.  Earlier this year I calculated the City’s unaccounted water loss, the difference between the gallons of water pumped and the gallons of water sold.  In previous years, prior to the water project our loss percentage was consistently in the high twenties and low thirties.  For the calendar year 2008 our unaccounted water loss was 5.95% a remarkable difference and continuing evidence that we are reaping the benefits of the water distribution project.”  (Compiled by Public Works Director Ken Gortsema)

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