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August 21, 2017 Regular Meeting

City Council met in special session on August 21, 2017 at 6:00 P.M. in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

Mayor Walker presided:

Councilmembers present:

Scott Winkler
Mike Peterson
Pete Lane
Wes Lester
Beryl Grant
Amy Farris

City employees present were Chief Drew, Public Works Director McFrederick, Attorney Green and Clerk Kennedy.


MINUTES: The meeting was called to order and the minutes of August 7th were approved as presented by Councilman Peterson, second by Councilman Lane. Motion carried by a unanimous vote of the Council present.

VISITOR: Ann Tipton moved here a year ago and wanted to tell the Council this town is kept better than anywhere she’s been. The streets and parks are kept wonderful and during snow season they are out at all hours. Christmas is wonderful with the street lights. She just wanted to thank everyone who does the work and show how appreciative she is of all the hard work.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: The department had 34 cases written, 22 citations, 0 written warning and 128 calls for service for July 2017. The Police and Animal Control Report was accepted on motion by Councilman Peterson second by Councilman Lester. Motion carried by a unanimous vote of the Council present. Chief Drew has hired two new employees Clinton Butori and Philip Graham.

The Fire Department Training Minutes of 7/10/17 and 7/24/17 and Executive Meeting of 7/24/17 were approved on motion by Councilman Peterson, second by Councilwoman Grant. Motion carried by a unanimous vote of the Council present.

BILLS: The bills, in the amount of $831,672.61 were approved and ordered paid out of their respective funds, on motion by Councilman Lester, second by Councilman Winkler. Motion carried by a unanimous vote of the Council present.

BEER GARDEN AND CATERING PERMIT OKTOBERFEST: Nancy Asker and Melinda Hall were present to request the beer garden for Oktoberfest. They will have at least two people checking IDs, they will have wrist bands, beer will be served in cups and fencing will be erected to enclose it so no one can exit with a drink. There will be tables and chairs in the beer garden. The felt they needed access of the alley for emergency purposed and to allow ease of access for the bands setting up and taking down. The beer garden will be about 16’ x 24’. Chief Drew is comfortable with the location as people can stay in the beer garden and listen to the bands. He also talked to the owners of Rants & Raves.

On motion by Councilman Winkler, second by Councilwoman Farris to approve the Oktoberfest beer garden application and the catering permit submitted by Rants & Raves Brewery. Motion carried by a unanimous vote of the Council present.

COUNTRY CLUB WATER RIGHT AGREEMENT: Attorney Green created a draft agreement between the Country Club and the City addressing the water rights and water testing as required by DEQ. Councilman Lester questioned whether monthly tests would be required when the County Club is closed. Attorney Green stated the City does not want to require more than DEQ. They would need to follow DEQ requirements for their water system type. Councilwoman Grant stated the Country Club has no way to provide an accounting of all the water used as it’s not metered. It was suggested the requirement be removed. Public Works Director McFrederick suggested he talk to the Country Club and see if they would like the City to perform the tests and track everything. A revised draft will be ready for review at the next meeting.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: On motion by Councilman Peterson, second by Councilman Lester to go into Executive Session according to Section 74-206(b) Personnel. ROLL CALL VOTE: YES: Farris, Winkler, Lester, Lane, Grant, Peterson. NO: none. The motion passed.

No action taken.

ITEMS TO NOTE: 2017-18 Budget Hearing: September 5, 2017

The meeting adjourned at 7:58 P.M.

Bruce Walker – Mayor

Tonya Kennedy – Clerk

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