Centennial Library

August 22, 2022 Fire Training Minutes

Training meeting Monday August 22, 2022

Meeting called to order 1803

  • August 8 meeting minutes read and approved
  • New printer is here, just needs set up
  • Radio issues updates
    • Reminder: Carry pages with you, there is a delay sometimes with Active 911 due to when dispatcher hits the button
    • Pagers are programed to High Camp; Pilot is currently the clearest
      • Toning for a call is over both Pilot and High Camp
    • Davis Communications has given fire department equipment a clean bill of health
    • Zumwalt is awaiting approval for High Camp frequency
      • With a new frequency, all radio equipment will need to be reprogramed
      • Ham Radio Club has fixed previous issues with a new antenna and coax cable
    • Engine #4 has been fixed – Tacket with do test run tonight
    • Budget update
      • Rules are to bill item when they are in hand
      • No new hoses coming
    • Patron made GFD a plaque that includes the fireman’s prayer
      • Thank You card will be ready to be signed after meeting
    • Firemen are to check batteries on airpacks and check pumps

Meeting adjourned 1930


  • Minutes taken by Sadie Galloway

Approved by Fire Chief Brian Perry

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