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City Parks

General Information for City Parks

Dogs, cats or any other animals, bicycles and human powered conveyances and alcohol are not allowed in any of the City Parks located in Grangeville unless an exception is provided in City Code or approved by the City Council for a special event.

Pioneer Park

The City Swimming Pool resides in Pioneer Park and it is located on the East end of Main Street. Pioneer Park has a covered area that is available for reservations by contacting City Hall. Pioneer Park has playground equipment geared toward toddler age children, a large swing set for older children and various picnic areas covering 2.7 acres.

Jaycee-Soroptimist Park

Jaycee-Soroptomist Park is located at the corner of West North 7th and North Junction. This 1.53 acre grassy park has a small swing set and a horizontal hand climber.

Lion’s Park

The City’s largest park at 13.37 acres, Lion’s Park offers three little league fields, one softball field, a basketball court, a skatepark, a disc golf course, picnic areas and various playground equipment.

A cyclist camping area is available for over night camping. Please camp in areas on the south west side of the creek designated as sprinkler free or any areas on the east side of the creek. Lion’s Park is located on North Myrtle Street.

Dogs are allowed on the East side of Lion’s Park as posted. Human powered conveyances are allowed at the skatepark only.

Eimers-Soltman Park

Eimers-Soltman Park is home of the Grangeville Visitor Center and the Mammoth Replica Display. It is located at the junction of Highway 95 North and North Pine Street and is .665 acres.

Veterans Memorial Garden

Veterans Memorial Garden is a beautiful park dedicated in honor of the men and women of Idaho County who served in the armed forces and sacrificed unselfishly for the freedom of the United States of America. It is located just off Main Street on North Idaho Avenue.

Heritage Square

Located at the corner of Main Street and South State, Heritage Square is the “hub” of the downtown for parking and entertainment. Heritage Square has a beautiful fountain made from natural rocks and a covered area complete with a hand painted mural on the rear wall. When not used for entertainment or events, Heritage Square serves as a parking area for the downtown businesses.

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