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February 22, 2021 Fire Training Minutes

Training meeting Monday February 22, 2021

  • Bob called the meeting to order at 1800
  • Bob explained that we would be going up to the City Works Building.
  • The new SCOTT SCBA units that the department received through a city grant were in and we would be learning how to use them and putting them in the trucks/engines.
  • We were met at the City Works Building by a representative from Sea Western. Bob handed out the 15 new SCBA to some firemen. The remainder of the firemen will be ground crew and support.
  • The representative instructed the dept. on the features of the SCBA
  • While the representative was instructing the firemen on the proper use of the packs a couple of the firemen of the ground crew took all the old packs and air tanks off the trucks/engines.
  • Bob directed firemen to put their names on the masks and put the packs in the trucks/engines.
  • After returning to the station the representative instructed a few firemen on how to fill the new tanks using the new cascade system.
  • Next meeting on March 8th firemen will train with the new SCBA.
  • Meeting adjourned at 2010

Bob Mager 541, Brian Perry 542, Jared Andrews 543.

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