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January 10, 2022 Fire Training Minutes

Training meeting Monday January 10, 2022

• Meeting called to order at 1809
• Firemen drove trucks to McGregors for a tour of the facility by Lowell Enneking.
• After the tour, Brian initiated discussion of the tour
o Storage areas containing chemicals are foam only, Anhydrous gas will require lots of water.
o Wind is the biggest concern. Because of this, highway and the mill may need to be shut down and evacuated. Size up of this reason for the fire department call will need to be done before evacuations.
o Closest hydrants are at Quality Heating (1/2 mile), Day Road/Depot or towards Kaschmitter’s land. The hook up at McGregors is a 2 inch.
o Several scenarios were discussed including if a man is found unconscious near his vehicle lifesaving is first priority. Use water to help clear air of gas, pull the guy out of the way, then turn off leak.
o Trucks should be uphill, upwind, running, attended, and not in the spill zone.
o If a ditch is needed, equipment could come from PLT or the mill.
o All situations vary though all should consider safety first, second is the evac of Hwy 95 and the mill, third is water needed and from where.
o During scene size up, more than one person or truck should help. A quick drive by will help determine location and what is happening. Keep your eyes open, there are safety zones.
• Next meeting will be to put new hoses on trucks.
• Fireman’s Ball is coming up. Tickets can be found at B&B or through Jared. Proceeds will go to GFD and White Bird FD. GFD will help with the cleanup on Sunday morning.
• Jessaca Willis’s church youth group had a Christmas fundraiser and would like to donate towards the Santa Truck. Tackett stated the Santa Truck needs all new lights.
• Joey said he will help get an estimate and time frame to work on the Buffalo from Extreme Auto.
• People in town, especially new comers to Grangeville, are really enjoying seeing the truck.
• Question was brought up about if there is Fire training in Orofino this year. So far, the answer is unknown. Another training opportunity is at Spring Fling Conference through GEMTA. Extrication training is free for fire department. Talk to Sadie if interested. The fire department will not be taking on the extraction from Syringa Hospital Extrication is an individual choice.

Meeting adjourned at 2004

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