Centennial Library

January 16, 2024 Regular Meeting

Grangeville City Council Agenda
January 16, 2024 – 6:00 P.M.
Council Chambers

Read and/or approve minutes of the January 2nd ACTION ITEM

Final action cannot be taken on an item added to the agenda after the start of the meeting unless an emergency is declared that requires action at the meeting. The declaration and justification must be approved by motion of the Council.


1. David Watkins, J-U-B Engineers – Update and discussion on the Water System Improvement Project, Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Compliance Activities and WWTP facility plan

Committee Reports:

1. Public Works Report – Bob

2. Accept the fire minutes from September 11 and 25, 2023 and October 9 and 23, 2023 ACTION ITEM

3. Water Tank Project Update

a. Authorize payment to T Bailey, Inc. for Pay Application #4 on the existing tank in the amount of $10,925.00 pending Rural Development approval ACTION ITEM

Consent Agenda: Any item will be removed from the consent agenda at the request of any member of the Council and that item will be considered separately later. Approval by roll call vote. ACTION ITEM

1. Approve the applications submitted by the following businesses for liquor license, wine and/or beer license by the drink and/or by the package, pending State approval.

Camas Lanes LLC d/b/a Camas Lanes
Riggins Whitewater Market, Inc. d/b/a Cash & Carry Foods
CHS Inc d/b/a CHS Primeland
Cloninger’s Inc d/b/a Cloninger’s Marketplace
Malhi & Bal LLC d/b/a Depot Express
Blewett Investments LLC d/b/a The Establishment
Family Dollar Inc d/b/a Family Dollar #32040
Susan K. Kutner d/b/a The Gallery Bistro
Grangeville Border Days Inc d/b/a Grangeville Border Days
Grangeville Depot LLC d/b/a Grangeville Depot
BPOE #1825 Inc. d/b/a Grangeville Elks Lodge #1825
LightenUp! LLC d/b/a Jungle Gym’s Indoor Play Center & Cafe
J Perez LLC d/b/a Melting Pot Café
Par Hawaii LLC d/b/a nomnom
Grangeville Pizza Factory Inc d/b/a Pizza Factory
Rae Brothers Sporting Goods, Inc d/b/a Rae Brothers Sporting Goods
The Rib Guy and Gal LLC d/b/a The Rib Guy & Gal
JBEBERT LLC d/b/a Seasons Restaurant
J Perez LLC d/b/a The Trails Restaurant & Lounge
Triangle Tavern LLC d/b/a Triangle Tavern
Idaho County Veterans Assn Inc d/b/a The Canteen
Three Mile Group LLC d/b/a Three Mile

Unfinished Business:


New Business:

1. Approve the JUB Engineering contract for WWTP compliance activities in the amount of $28,000 ACTION ITEM

2. Discussion and decision on adding $601,000 from in investments for the sewer project ACTION ITEM

3. Approve the catering permit for Grangeville Country Club to cater Chocolate Fantasy at 318 S B Street ACTION ITEM

4. Approve the revised Audit Engagement Letter for 2022-23 in the amount of $24,100, audit $20,100 and single audit $4,000 ACTION ITEM

5. Authorize signing of the agreement with Wemhoff Architecture for architect services for the Snowhaven Shop ACTION ITEM

Any person needing special accommodations to participate in the above noticed meeting should contact the City of Grangeville at 983-2851.

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