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January 19, 2010 Regular Meeting

The City Council met in regular session on January 19, 2010 at 7:30 P.M. in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

Mayor Walker presided:

Councilmembers present:

Del Houger
Michael Peterson
Wes Lester
Brian Lorentz
Rob Bentley

Councilmember attendance by phone

Georgia DeHaas

City employees present were Public Works Director Gortsema, Attorney Green and Clerk Kennedy.

The meeting was called to order and the minutes of the January 4th regular meeting were approved as presented by Councilman Lester, second by Councilman Peterson.  Motion carried by a unanimous vote of the Council present.

PRESENTATION:  Mayor Walker presented Janice Jungert with a Good Samaritan Award for helping to save the life of a heart attack victim in late December through the use of CPR.

VISITORS:  Jeff Kutner provided an update to the Council on CEDA, Ida-Lew and the Grangeville Chamber.

CONSENT AGENDA:  Councilman Lester, seconded by Councilman Peterson to remove Snowhaven minutes since we don’t have minutes and to accept the remainder of the consent agenda as presented.

1. Approve the applications submitted by the following businesses for liquor
license, wine and/or beer license by the drink and/or by the package,
pending State approval.

Askers Thrift Inc. d/b/a Askers Harvest Foods
Brenda & Doug McRoberts d/b/a Camas Lanes
GNDJI LLC d/b/a Depot Express
Ernie’s Steakhouse LLC d/b/a Ernie’s Steakhouse & 41 Club
Jim’s Market Inc. d/b/a Cash & Carry
BPOE #1825 Inc. d/b/a Grangeville Elks Lodge #1825
Grangeville Pizza Factory LLC d/b/a Grangeville Pizza Factory
Xie Quan Deng d/b/a Hong Fa
Richard Pearson d/b/a Oscars Restaurant
Ceressero Corp. d/b/a Palenque Mexican Restaurant
Hawkin’s Sports Inc. d/b/a Rae Brothers Sporting Goods
Sunset Marts Inc. d/b/a Sunset Mart #12
Jimmie W. Henderson d/b/a The Establishment
Sue Kay Kutner d/b/a The Gallery
Kimberly Ann Eliott d/b/a Triangle Tavern
Cenex Petroleum Inc d/b/a Zip Trip #21

2. Move the second meeting in February to Tuesday, February 16th, due to
President’s Day Holiday

ROLL CALL VOTE:  YES: DeHaas, Houger, Lester, Lorentz, Bentley, Peterson.  The motion passed.

TRUCK ROUTE DISCUSSION:  Councilman Lester and Mayor Walker met with the Grangeville Highway District, Bennett Lumber, the Idaho County Commissioners and members from the new Airport Board to discuss the truck route.  Discussion centered on moving Day Road to the west due to possible future airport expansion and changing the road access by the mill log deck to access the rock pit.

RUSS LINDSLEY PROPERTY SIDEWALK DISCUSSION:  Attorney Green stated that Russ and Heidi Lindsley are looking to remodel and wanted to see if they could get a sidewalk waiver on Florence and possibly one on Maple Street in exchange for vacating a portion of Florence Street.  They are willing to negotiate for less time on the waiver.  Prior to leaving, Councilwoman DeHaas had told Russ that she would be willing to grant a waiver on Florence but not on Maple. On motion by Councilwoman DeHaas to grant Russ Lindsley an indefinite waiver on Florence but not on Maple.   The motion died for lack of a second.  Clerk Kennedy explained that the October 19, 2009 meeting minutes stated the Council would try to fix the street right of way issues on South Florence and that they would be willing to give them a sidewalk waiver on Florence for as long as they own the property.  After discussion, the Council decided to maintain their position stated in October.

BILLS:  The bills in the amount of $233,357.97 were approved and ordered paid out of their respective funds, on motion by Councilman Lester, second by Councilman Peterson.  Motion carried by a unanimous vote of the Council present.

KINZER SEWER BILL:  Bob and Carol Kinzer had sewer gurgling in their bathroom so they called a plumber instead of City to snake the line.  It turned out the blockage was in the City’s line.  Carol Kinzer requested that the City pay the bill since it was the City’s line at fault.  On motion by Councilman Lorentz, second by Councilman Houger to pay the $92.00 bill for Carol Kinzer.  Motion carried by a unanimous vote of the Council present.

SPONSORSHIP OF GRANT FOR HORIZON RECREATION COMMITTEE:  Councilman Lester made a motion, second by Councilman Lorentz to authorize the City to be a sponsor for the Horizon Recreation Committee for a grant request through the Idaho Community Foundation.  Motion carried by a unanimous vote of the Council present.

NORTH MEADOW PROJECT:  Public Works Director Gortsema explained that after performing some tests, it was determined that North Meadow Street needs to be rebuilt not overlaid.  The recommendation is to remove asphalt and 12” of material, lay fabric, rock and a 3” mat which puts the City over the budget on the amount the stimulus funding will cover.  Reidesel provided five different options for doing parts of the street in order to stay within budget.  At this time Gortsema is planning to reduce the project by starting at North 2nd and going to North 7th which would still be approximately $9,000.00 over budget.  The City will determine whether to proceed or to cut the project at a later date.

2009 SEWER PROJECT RETAINAGE:  On motion by Councilman Lester, second by Councilman Houger to release the retainage to Eastern Oregon Construction in the amount of $8,179.63.  Motion carried by a unanimous vote of the Council present.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 P.M.
Bruce Walker – Mayor

Tonya Kennedy – City Clerk

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