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January 22, 2018 Fire Training Minutes

Training meeting Monday, January 22, 2018
Meeting called to order at 18:55
· John S read a letter from SPPS requesting a donation to help with their Chocolate Fantasy Fund Raiser. After discussion department decided to continue to not make a donation.
· Because of distance and conflicts in personnel scheduling not enough firemen signed up for fire school in Rupert. Brian will keep department posted of upcoming fire schools in our area.
· Bob explained training for the evening was going to be at the waste water treatment plant.
· He stated that training is all about air management. Fireman will be divided into groups of three teams and enter a dark, hot room in a search and locate scenario. Firemen are to wear full turnouts and SCBA
· 19:20 all firemen were dismissed to waste water treatment plant with all engines/trucks, except the tender.
· After training fireman critiqued and evaluated training to improve firefighting technique and safety procedures.
· Officers and safety observers were very pleased with the firemen’s performance during the training and gave them many positive suggestions and comments on the training.
· All firemen were pleased with the training and agreed that more and similar training would help and assist fireman in becoming an even better firefighting department.
· After returning to station and returning turnouts, filling air tanks, and equipment meeting was adjourned at 21:10
· Many firemen stayed at station after dismissal to continue filling air tanks used in training.
Minutes taken by Kerry McCulley Secretary
Approved by Fire Chief Bob Mager _________________________________

Bob Mager 541, John Sangster 542, Tommy Jacobs 543, Brian Perry 545.

Bob Mager Dan Modrell  Dean Peebler
Mike Tackett Brian Perry
John Sangster Andrew Lane  
John Cline Kerry McCulley  
Rick Cochran Jared Andrews  
Beth Boehmke Todd McGeorge
Matthew Seaver Matt Parr  
Mark Decaria  John Urbhan  
 Zach Stewart  Brandon Swanstrom  
   Tom Jacobs  
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