Centennial Library

January 23, 2023 Fire Training Minutes

Training meeting Monday January 23, 2023

  • Meeting called to order 1800
  • 18 members in attendance
  • Minutes read and approved
  • Fireman’s Ball Update Given
  • Buffalo is back with repairs done, paid for by GFD, and put away for the season
  • New Build at 10th&Hall update on access – dept has previously toured
  • All firemen preformed gear check
  • Repair Updates
    • Battery on Eng 4 replaced
    • Taillight and break repaired City 3
  • Training Video and discussion on responding to large commercial buildings including the importance of pre-incident planning and knowing the layout and contents/hazards of the building
  • City Water/Wells will be running at full capacity this summer
    • New Hydrant will be within 100 ft of fireworks launch site
  • Grangeville School alarms have been caused due to air leaks in the dry system – Fire Marshal will be inspecting
  • Cloninger’s has been having sprinkler issues

Meeting adjourned 1925

  • Minutes taken by Sadie Galloway


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