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June 12, 2023 Fire Training Minutes

Training meeting Monday June 12, 2023
Meeting called to order 1803

• 13 members in attendance
• Minutes read and approved
• Saturday 24th – Kamiah Fire will be hosting Wildland training at 0745
o Training for upper-level firefighters, green IC’s and up
o At Football scene and will be a roll play
o Firefighting and command training
• Reach out to chief asap if personal gear is still needed, ie gloves, nomex, etc
• New Nozzle research by Chief and Tackett for purchase
o Smoothbore – combo
o Also needing research done for battle lanterns and personal flashlights
 Get list of pros/cons to Chief
 LED, no C batteries, rechargeable preferred or AA’s
 Clip or lanyard
• Border Days Update given
• Little 1 will be at Bell for light bar change and will be fully serviced
o Until the light bar is changed, be very careful driving as the lights do not flash – as always, be polite when driving – Use siren if needed
• Upcoming Training hosted by GFD
o July 15 and 16 Propane Training – 8 hour class (4 hours classroom and 4 hours hand on)
o one day – two days to choose from
o State is paying for the class
o Class size is limited to 30 people per day and will be offered to other departments to attend
o GFD personal will be limited to 5 per day – sign ups are upstairs on the chalk board
 This is a training you do not want to miss
o Motion presented for GFD to pay for lunch (Mark 1st/Sadie 2nd – approved)
o To think about – coolers for drinking water
• Wildland Nomex available upstairs – more to come to choose from – talk to mark if a different size is needed
• Firemen that are not helping with float went out to test 5” at airport

Meeting adjourned 2000
· Minutes taken by Sadie Galloway
Approved by Fire Chief Brian Perry _________________________________
Brian Perry 541, Jared Andrews 542, Mike Tackett 543

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