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March 27, 2023 Fire Training Meeting

Training meeting Monday March 27, 2023

  • Meeting called to order 1800
  • 13 members in attendance
  • Minutes read and approved
  • Bunker Gear – everyone needs to look at their bunkers for manufacture date and have it written on a list as well as its condition – this will be for a replacement rotation
  • 2 Fires to review
    • Field Fire on Butcher Creek (8-10 acres)
      • Landowner was burning and the wind shifted
      • Discussion about what to do if you are in the green, line of site fire perimeter, establishing anchor points, how to handles and look out for taller fuel sources and if embers will ignite behind you.
      • Rural will put PSA/information in the paper
    • Happy Hollow
      • County Cop did a size up and you could see the fire from Tackett’s Saw Shop
      • Comms are not the best in that area and a mobile repeater is needed
      • Driveway was limited spacing – trucks were strategically place and ambulance was located out of the way and still accessible if needed.
      • Fully engulfed and fought on the defensive – one of the goals was to keep the shed safe
      • Good turn out – there was a 2nd page
    • Training was a structure and build scavenger hunt. Trucks were driven to 5 predetermined locations to discuss and building type and what a size up may look like.
    • Discussion on the ambulance on scene to fires for standby.
      • The fire IC will be the one to determine if the ambulance should be stood down or when to be released
      • Dispatch needs to be informed of this and have updated protocols on automatically dispatching the ambulance for structure fires.
    • Dispatcher week is coming soon. Dispatch has sent out a sign up for days for gifts to be delivered
      • Sadie will pick up candies to go inside tumblers as a gift from GFD
    • IR Camera Update – 8 small flirs will be order and hats requested

Meeting adjourned 2020

Minutes taken by Sadie Galloway

Approved by Fire Chief Brian Perry




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