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March 3, 2022 Planning & Zoning Minutes

Meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission held March 3, 2022, 6:00 P.M. in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

Members present:
Mike Cook – Chairman
Kevin Asker – Vice Chair
Dan Gautney
Brian Perry
Yolanda Stout
Graydon Galloway
Lee Spencer

City Staff: City Administrator Kennedy

The meeting was called to order by Mike Cook at 6:00 p.m.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: On motion by Kevin Asker, second by Graydon Galloway to approve the minutes of November 23, 2021 as presented. Motion carried.

APPLICANT PRESENTATION: The public hearing was opened at 6:02 pm. Terri Tackett explained she submitted a conditional use application to allow Dan and herself to operate a dog and cat kennel and a dog park at 835 E Main Street. They purchased the Old Grangeville Veterinary Clinic from Bryce Niemi. They would like to kennel animals on location in the barn which is located between the old clinic and Tackett Saw Shop. They have a fenced area which she would like to use for a dog park so people could walk their dogs or give them exercise. She also thought about kenneling cats when owners are gone more than a couple days but didn’t have a timeframe when it would start. Terri plans to move her art studio in the building so she can work on her glass.

Terri works with the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) and right now they don’t have a location for transitional animals, which is that timeframe between collecting them and rehoming. They may consider using her location to kennel dogs and cats. As far as the dog park idea, it was presented to Terri last summer to have an area to walk or play with dogs in fenced areas as there is nothing like that in town.

Mike Cook asked how many animals she would consider having at one time? Terri stated the barn is 550 square feet. She thought maybe 10-12 cats and 1-2 dogs at a time, however that didn’t account for a cat with kittens. In the dog park she felt 4-6 dogs at a time with their owners to monitor them.

Lee Spencer questioned if those wanting to use the dog park could come anytime and would it be free? Terri said she needed to do research but was thinking about a free option if they want to come and play with their dog.

Dan Gautney questioned if it was a maximum of 4 dogs, what happens if 15 show up at the same time? Terri stated she’d be there to let the people in as she didn’t want a bunch of people unescorted on the property. She’d be monitoring how many she let in at one time because she would have to let them in through the gates.

Kevin Asker asked if there would be a vet onsite? Terri stated no, she doesn’t see having any vet services available. Right now ARF uses Dr. Wolfrum and she has her own facility. Terri may consider having dog washing.

Mike Cook asked if she was open to the idea of having a limit on the maximum number of animals she could be approved for. Terri didn’t have a problem with a limit.

Kevin Asker stated he knows places that board dogs have issues with kennel cough. Does she have plans on that for ARF and other boarders. Terri stated ARF is aware of it and would do their own record keeping and usually those animals are isolated. Terri stated she is really looking at helping ARF have a temporary transfer site location. If it doesn’t work with ARF she will probably do the private cat kennel and dog walking.

Dan Gautney asked what Terri’s maximums would be for dogs and cats. Mike suggested limited the number of cages at the kennel instead of the number of animals. Terri stated she has 14 kennels right now and that would be the maximum in the building. She stated she can only fit 1 dog in a kennel and on cats not many to a kennel by the time you have a litter box, food and toys.
Mike Cook suggested simplifying it and say maximum of 14 occupied kennels.
Mike then asked if Terri was ok limiting the dog park to 6 dogs? Terri stated 6 dogs and their owners would be good.

Kevin Asker asked if she was aware Bryce was using the back area to bury dead animals? Terri stated they did find that out. He also questioned waste disposal. Terri stated they have a garbage can just like the Vet Clinic did. Kevin asked if they planned to remove the cattle chute. Terri stated it is scheduled to be gone soon.

Brian asked how they would address the kenneled dogs if they bark? If you have transitional dogs barking, what is your plan? The police may get called which is why normally you don’t see kennels in town. Terri explained the dogs would not be kept outside; they would be located in the barn inside which would keep the barking to a minimum. They would only be exercised in the fenced area while supervised. Kevin Asker stated Bryce housed dogs inside at the vet clinic.

STAFF PRESENTATION: City Administrator Kennedy reported all notices of hearing were delivered and published as required.






DISCUSSION AND RECOMMENDATION: The hearing closed at 6:33 pm. Brian Perry stated he agreed with limiting the facility to 14 animal cages. Mike Cook stated it was discussed having a maximum of 6 dogs properly supervised by owner or designee at the dog park.

Chairman Cook discussed findings of fact with the commission as discussed for conditional uses.

a. The conditional use does not unreasonable impact public health, general welfare or general interest in the community. Based on no responses by the public and the explanation of the applicant there is no issue.

b. The proposed conditional use of property or structures will be appropriately located with respect to transportation facilities, water supply, fire and police protection, waste disposal and other similar facilities which might be needed for the proposed use. No problem, especially considering the prior use. It fits quite well.

c. The general neighborhood character and surrounding property values will not be unreasonably negatively impacted. No problem, especially considering the prior use. The use doesn’t change that much.

d. The proposed conditional use will not cause an undue traffic hazard or unreasonable parking problem in the use district in which the conditional use is proposed. No additional traffic would be generated compared to previous use.

e. There is no substantial community objection and the terms of section 10-10-3 of this chapter are incorporated herein as an additional condition to the granting of a conditional use. None

On motion by Kevin Asker, second by Dan Gautney, to recommend approval of the conditional use for Daniel and Terri Tackett at 835 E Main, allowing them to operate a dog and cat kennel and dog park, limiting it to a maximum of 14 dog/cat cages and 6 dogs properly supervised by owner or designee in the dog park. Motion carried.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: On motion Graydon Galloway second by Yolanda Stout to keep the current slate of officers as shown below. Motion carried.
Chairman – Mike Cook
Vice Chairman – Kevin Asker
Secretary – Dan Gautney

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting is March 29, 2022 at 6:00 pm.

Adjourn by Mike Cook at 6:44 p.m.

Tonya Kennedy – City Clerk

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