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May 22, 2023 Fire Training Minutes

Training meeting Monday May 22, 2023
Meeting called to order 1810

• 11 members in attendance
• Minutes read and approved
• Memorial Weekend Coverage
o If you are gone, mark ‘off duty’ on Active 911
o Active 911 is currently the most reliable way to be paged, radios are mostly fixed
 Big meeting regarding radios issues that are happening county wide
• Rural 2 tune up is done and has a clean bill of health
• Items to keep in mind:
o Exhaust fans checks to be done
 Write down hour meter in vehicle for fans for future reference this will be the service date
• Training
o Wildland Basics
 References are listed in the IRPG, the purple ones are outdated, current IRPGs are now yellow
 LCES (lookouts, communication, escape routes, safety zones)
 Standard Fire Orders
• IDL – mutual aid
o Contact via dispatch to Grangeville Interagency to request
o Radio channel is IDL Direct 2
• Mutual aid agreements discussion
• Scholarships
o 3 applicants
o Committee reviewed – none met all requirements
• Rural Levy
o Was ran as a 1-year increase for the budget
o Passed and is now a permanent increase
• Items to be aware of
o Rural District – Hwy 7 and Halford Road (Prairie View Lane)
 There are 10-15 house with no house numbers
 This is an issue for all emergency responders, no one will know which house is needing help
o Field Fire season is coming
 Be prepared and wear appropriate attire

Meeting adjourned 2015
· Minutes taken by Sadie Galloway
Approved by Fire Chief Brian Perry _________________________________
Brian Perry 541, Jared Andrews 542, Mike Tackett 543

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