Centennial Library

May 8, 2023 Fire Training Minutes

Training meeting Monday May 8, 2023
Meeting called to order 1801

• 15 members in attendance
• Minutes read and approved
• New gear out of rural budget
o A pair of new pants to be fixed
o 2018/2016 gear will be replaced next
o Most bunkers will be up to date after next order
• Scheduling of flow tests on packs will be for the end of September
• Looking for recommendations for new piss pumps
o Discussion on types with pros and cons of each
o Discussion on some wildland equipment/supplies that are needed
• May 10th is beginning day for needing burn permits
o In city limits is $100 from City Hall
 Patrons looking to burn should notify dispatch, check weather and wind prior to burning, and know how to put it out
o Burn permits outside of city limits can go to IDL website for information
• Reminder – if gear is needed, speak up
• Scholarships
o No applicants
• Count was done on which firemen will be available during Memorial Day weekend
o Discussion on utilizing Active 911 for availability/unavailability
• Tender would not start at the flow test – change battery box for easier access
• Training was hand on of last meeting’s video of packaging down firefighter in full turnouts and air packs

Meeting adjourned 2030
· Minutes taken by Sadie Galloway
Approved by Fire Chief Brian Perry _________________________________
Brian Perry 541, Jared Andrews 542, Mike Tackett 543

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