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November 14, 2022 Fire Training Minutes

Training meeting Monday November 14, 2022

Meeting called to order 1800

  • 14 members in attendance
  • Thank you Cards for Donations from friends and family or Roy Powell passed around
  • Firemen’s Ball Discussion
  • Christmas Giving back to the community discussion
  • Thank you card was received from St Peter and Paul for Fire Prevention Week
  • Harpster Grade Fire
    • GFD was asked by dispatch to turn to TAC channel before anyone was on scene
    • Jared has ironed out the issue
    • Do not change until there is an IC on scene, until there is one setup on scene, dispatch is still IC
  • Discussion of secondary radios for 2 trucks and possible handhelds for department members, including the need for protocols
  • Sherriff’s TAC station was down – hopefully this was a one-time deal
    • There was a discussion with Ulmer
    • Be careful of heavy traffic on the radio – important and pertinent information only
    • Frequency plan to come in Jan or Feb
  • Hosting Fire School is still an option and discussion will be tabled to Nov 2023
  • Remainder of meeting was getting the Buff ready for Santa’s arrival

Meeting adjourned 2000

Minutes taken by Sadie Galloway

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