Centennial Library

November 17, 2022 Board Meeting

Grangeville Centennial Library Board Meeting
Mayor’s Conference Room-215 W North St.
November 17, 2022- 5:00 p.m.

Meeting was called to order by Brennan Wright at 5:00 PM. Those present: Brennan Wright, Meleah McCulley, Betty Nafziger, Gina Sobrero, and Heidi Brown. Absent: Bridget Arnzen, Stacy Stone, and Dylan Canaday

Minutes: Betty moved and Brennan seconded to approve the board minutes from the last meeting held on September 15th. Motion passed.

Budget Report: Gina explained there was no current budget report available. The fiscal year ended September 30th, and the budget is still being finalized and audited.

Library Report: Gina and Heidi both reported.
• Family Read Week was successful, with 134 in attendance. There were 5 prize packets, each worth approximately $100. Activities included a scavenger hunt, shadow puppets, bookmarks, diamond painting stickers, bear-shaped cookies, and gift bags. ICfL donated the gift bags of books and activities for each family present.
• Christmas Craft Night is planned for December 1st. Crafts will include cookies in a jar, Mason jar oil candles, and ornaments. There’s a flyer available on the front desk.
• Story time is going well. Next topics: bears, penguins, winter, Christmas
• Read to Me with GEMS kindergarteners is continuing every first Thursday of the month. November’s book and craft: Animal Ears. December’s book: Pig the Pug.
• Let’s Talk About It books are ready. Meetings planned: The Distance Between Us, 1/10; Lady in Waiting, 2/21, My Grandmother Smoked Cigars, 3/14.
• GCL staff attended the Grangeville Community Foundation award night, receiving $1000 grant for summer reading.
• New carpet will start being installed on 11/25. It will match the carpet tiles installed in the basement.
• Heidi is completing the annual report. She’s waiting for the finalization of the annual budget.

Old Business

1. Trustee Manual. Meleah explained the newest hardcopy version of the Trustee Manual. There’s an updated Table of Contents, which should be a bit more streamlined and easy to follow. The binder will be kept in Gina’s office. Every document that that has been updated to a digital format is now available in the GCL shared DropBox folder. Meleah recommended to start policy reviews in 2023, especially the Curriculum Development/Management policy. There are ideas and samples in the Trustee Manual, both in the binder and online in DropBox.

New Business

1. Calendar for 2023. Gina made a copy of the upcoming board meeting dates, reflecting the changes made at the September board meeting. Meleah moved to accept the new calendar. Betty seconded the motion.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:25 PM.

Thanks you for the wonderful cookies, Stacy. And thanks for all the great memories and encouragement, GCL. ~MMc

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