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October 10, 2022 Fire Training Minutes

Training meeting Monday October 10, 2022

Meeting called to order 1808 by Perry.

  • 10 members present
  • Previous meeting minutes read and approved
  • Funeral participation was well received by the community and attendees.
  • Fire Preparedness Presentation
  • 3 days Show up at 8:30 – Tomorrow 10/11   0900 – 0930 – 1015  (130 kids)
  • Friday 10/14 0900
  • Next Tue 10/18 0900
  • Advanced Welding will be the location of this years Trunk or Treat they have room for 2 trucks from 4pm – 7pm
  • Radio and Pagers
  • Mark is inventorying all the radio’s and pagers and is reprogramming what he can tonight (pagers do not need to be reprogrammed)
  • Mark still needs everyone who hasn’t already bring in their radios and/or pagers for inventory and reprogramming where needed.
  • Active911 Reminder
  • Due to the opening of hunting season a check of who remembered to mark themselves off duty, A reminder to everyone from the chief, if you are going hunting and will be unavailable to respond, mark yourself off duty in active911 so the on duty chiefs can see who they may or may not have at any given time frame.
  • Chimney fires – Things we always grab are:
  • Back 4 back of 2 and 3, grab the galvanized washtub, canvas tarp.
  • We want to not leave anything behind, no burned carpets, no soot stains from boots.
  • Minimal people inside as possible.
  • Main thing FULL BUNKER GEAR face shield down.  Nobody should be getting their face burned because they were not in PPE.
  • NOT every chimney fire requires someone on the roof.
  • Chimney fire training videos were watched and discussed
  • High Voltage EV fires (Hybrid and full Electric Vehicle)
  • High voltage EV fires (Hybrid and full EV)
  • WATER WATER WATER FOAM is not going to work on HighVoltage.
  • We may see an increase in EV’s in town but it is likely that they won’t be a huge issue.

1930 Meeting adjourned.
Minutes taken by Matt Seaver
Approved by Fire Chief Brian Perry

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