Centennial Library

October 24, 2022 Fire Training Minutes

Training meeting Monday October 24, 2022

Meeting called to order 1802

  • 11 members present
  • October 10 meeting minutes read and approved
  • Chimney Fire Season
    • Drive accordingly for the season
    • Grab the Thermal, if you don’t know how to use it, shadow someone that does
      • Temperatures that are of concern is over 400
    • Stay on scene until temperatures return to normal
    • While in PPE’s, limit time in the house, we should leave without a trace
  • Fire Prevention week
    • Mission accomplished, in 3 days met with roughly 300 kids
    • Thank you to all who helped
    • Andy does a great job and is well prepared
    • Kids watched video prior to meeting to learn in person
    • Kids’ homework is to remind parents to change batteries in smoke detectors, assign a meeting place if there is a fire at their house, and to have parent’s clean their chimneys
  • Christmas lights are ordered and should arrive soon
  • Candy will be in Wednesday for Trunk or Treat
    • If you can help, meet at the station at 1500
  • All new equipment and old equipment will be on trucks, if there is room
  • Training included scavenger hunt for tools
    • Future training will be a scavenger hunt with driver training
  • New skids, should be kept in right hand pants pocket
  • Radio/Pager Update
    • Davis will be in tomorrow to program truck mobiles
    • Mark said older portables are good to go and looking into new software
  • Training Nights are important, don’t be discouraged, there will be a big fire someday
  • Buff update – Decided to bring it in after Christmas

Meeting adjourned 1930

Minutes taken by Sadie Galloway

Approved by Fire Chief Brian Perry


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