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September 12, 2022 Fire Training Minutes

Training meeting Monday September 12, 2022

14 Fireman Present

Meeting called to order 1802

  • August 22 meeting minutes read and approved
  • Roy Powell, former chief, passed away
    • Funeral will be October 1st, time tbd
    • GFD will have a large presence at the service, both current and past members
      • Dress Blues with tie – if you need a shirt, get with Beth asap
    • All apparatus to be present, except the tender
  • Rural air tanks and packs are in – label as rural and place on rural trucks
  • Hydraulic fluid and windshield washer fluid still need ordered
  • Fire at Johnson Cutoff Road
    • Watch out situation – there was a giant hole next to the building (old metal septic)
    • Safety is number one priority
    • Flagging is in Truck 1 to mark
  • Radios and High Camp are still being addresses
    • There was a meeting held in order to gain a better understanding for all parties on how it will be fixed – frequency changes vs tower fix
    • ICTac should be utilized while on scene
      • It is not recorded and dispatch and the station can still hear radio traffic
      • Red, Blue, and White tac is line of sight only – station more than likely will not hear traffic
  • Abrasive saws are to be ran and checked tonight to keep in running order
  • Sawsall has new blades in Truck 4
  • Walk throughs of businesses
    • Next meeting will be Primeland
    • In the future, O’Reily’s
      • Mixed messages on whether or not it has Fire Marshal’s blessing
      • Be aware that it has high and tight shelving in the back
  • Fire Prevention is in October
    • Plan is to invite groups to meet the trucks and a hydrant – i.e., 2 Tuesdays and meet for 30-45 minutes
    • Loan video to school to watch prior to meeting up with the trucks
    • Groups include K-3rd, preschoolers, Catholic and Nazarene schools

Meeting adjourned 1934

  • Minutes taken by Sadie Galloway

Approved by Fire Chief Brian Perry _________________________________




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