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September 26, 2022 Fire Training Minutes

Training meeting Monday September 26, 2022

16 Fireman Present
Meeting called to order 1800

  • Walk though of Primeland
    • Gabe Forsmann (Operations) and Nick Broemeling (Safety) led walk though
      • emphasis on types of products that are flammable or not
      • what to use water on and what will not use water
      • grain dust and fertilizers are flammable
      • Anhydrous Ammonia (staff calls it NH3) – use water
      • Listen to staff – they are most knowledgeable about location and what is on fire
      • Columbia is the staff’s staging area
      • In the future – training on engulfment
    • September 12 meeting minutes read and approved
    • High Camp now has a new frequency
      • Pagers will still work the same as they are a receive only
      • Handhelds will need to be reprogrammed as the frequency used for transmitting is different
      • Bring pagers and radios to next meeting
      • Concern was brought up about if we are not able to reprogram all equipment in house, should the commissioners pay?
      • Mobiles in trucks will not be able to be programed in house
    • Update for Roy Powell funeral
      • Funeral will be October 1st, 11 am at Grangeville Christian Church
      • Family has requested urn travel from church to cemetery on a fire truck
        • Buffalo will transport
      • All firemen that will be able to attend are to meet at the station at 0915 (no later than 0930) to take apparatuses to line up in front of the church
      • Wear dress blues with tie
    • Jeff Kutner, former department member, celebration of life Saturday from 1300 to 1700
      • After processional to cemetery for Powell, truck(s) will do a humble drive by
    • Rob Beeson passed away
      • Details are unknown for funeral at this time and will be in White Bird
      • One truck will go to represent GFD
    • Discussion was held in regards to inactive members and what constitutes as inactive
    • By-Laws to be looked at next meeting
    • Fire prevention will start approximately October 11th
    • New Battle Axe
      • It is an entry tool with many uses
      • Use it! And give reviews
      • Can be paired with Halligan and piercing nozzle
      • com – escape tool

Meeting adjourned 2030

  • Minutes taken by Sadie Galloway

Approved by Fire Chief Brian Perry

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