Centennial Library

July 11, 2023 Special Meeting

City Council met in special session on July 11, 2023 at 6:00 P.M. in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

Mayor Lester presided:

Councilmembers present:
Scott Winkler
Mike Peterson
Beryl Grant
Amy Farris
Pete Lane
Dylan Canaday

City employees present were City Administrator Kennedy, Treasurer Rowland, Chief Newman, Public Works Director Mager, Gina Sobrero, Heidi Brown, Brian Perry and Jared Andrews.

Gina explained their budget is mostly unchanged. They increased travel and FOCL has agreed to a donation of $750 for miscellaneous programs and summer reading.

Brian Perry is budgeting new steer tires for City #2 and #3 at $2,400. He had all the trucks inspected and was told 20-year-old tires are not compliant. Because we mutual aid with other departments we will be on the highway and that’s a liability for the city. He is recommending replacing the two steer tires for both big trucks. He then plans to get on a 7-year rotation so the tires have value for trade in. He is not pushing for replacement of drive tires (4/truck). He budgeted nozzles and hoses at $10,000. They are doing maintenance logs based on hour meters so each vehicle has a log. He asked about his proposal last year of a portion of the fire rent being saved in an investment account for future capital expenditures.

Chief Newman increased operating supplies and training. The taser and camera leases renew this year and are budgeted at the new amount. The current vehicle lease payments are included in the budget. The chief budgeted a 15% increase for salaries in the police department.

Administrator Kennedy stated the 3% property tax increase is $34,658. Liquor fund revenue and highway user funds are up slightly. The GEM Grant is budgeted at $50,000. The water and sewer project funds have carryover, based upon engineer estimates.

The meeting adjourned at 7:35 P.M.

Wes Lester – Mayor

Tonya Kennedy – Clerk

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